20 Most Popular Websites since 1996

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20 Most Popular Websites since 1996

Hi everyone,

Hope you guys and girls are doing well and looking forward to Christmas! It’ll be my first one as a married man and my wifey Nish has been planning the day, like the teacher she is, for weeks!

As an early Christmas present to you all, I would like to share this picture which shows the 20 most popular websites since 1996. I read an article on the Washington Post this morning and it really made me think about the ‘Internet Boom’ in 1999/2000 and how far the Internet has come. I first got my 56K dial up connection in 2000 (Kids born 2004 onwards will not know what I’m talking about!) and can safely say I used to visit some of the sites listed.

The evolution of the Internet and the varies technologies have exceeded all of our expectations and now the world-wide-web is used anywhere and everywhere on devices small enough to fit in your pockets which was crazy to think 15 years ago but it also demonstrates the level of innovation the world has seen.

20 websites 96 13

In closing I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an awesome 2015!

Take care!
Andy “Back on the gym but will be eating 10 Yorkshire Puddings and jam tomorrow” Singh x

Image Credit: The Washington Post

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