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We’ve Got A Little More To Show You

We've Got a Little More To Show You

Dear all Apple lovers!

Apple have a special announcement on October 23rd, so special that only a special few have been invited to Apple HQ to witness the news.

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of an iPad Mini – a smaller alternative to the already hugely successful iPad; and a 13 inch MacBook Pro – a smaller alternative to the 17 inch, sexy and stylish laptop. Personally, and you all know I’m not a huge Apple fan, but having a smaller alternative to these devices actually makes sense.

The iPad is a beautiful device and probably one of the very very few Apple devices I’d buy without hesitation but there other tablets becoming smaller but keeping the same level of performance, the option for convenience comes into play – why would you buy a device which you can’t put into your back or jacket pocket? I think Apple have realised this and possibly created a mini iPad.

On the flipside, the other Apple device I’d buy without hesitation is the MacBook Pro. Let’s face it, whether you love or hate Apple the laptop is brilliant; but with it only coming in a 17 inch screen, using it as a mobile device can be quite challenging. Also the device has been the same since release and maybe incorporating a smaller screen but maintaining the same level of performance will be a huge USP for this already successful laptop.

Whatever the decision, be sure to stay tuned on the 23rd October to find out.

Until next time, take care!
Andy Singh

AppleInsider has leaked new product SKU’s which indicate that Apple are to announce the launch of the iPad Mini. From what I’ve read, Apple have four model designs named P101, P103, P105 and P107 which indicate to storage capacity. If the reports are true, Apple are to announce that there will be an entry level (or “Good” in Apple’s terms) 8GB model going right up to the “Best” range of 32GB. With regards to connectivity, iPad lovers are to pick whether they would like a Wi-Fi only model or Wi-Fi with 3/4G as the entry level model has rumoured to only come with Wi-Fi whilst the “Best” range is to come with Wi-Fi & 4G.

“How much will it be?” I hear you say. Well the 8GB will be rumoured to start from around £154/$249 working its way up to the $350/£216 or $400/£247 mark for the 32GB/64GB model.

Rumoured Specification of the device: (Thanks to TechRadar.com)

– 7.85 inch display
– A5 Processor
– Front & Rear Cameras
– Lightening dock connector
– NO Retina Display

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  1. Regine

    apple has a history of ruhsing a product to market then offering the improved models a year or so later. which has worked well for them. but this time i think apple has shot themselves in the foot. unlike the iphone ipod this is not an easy fashion accessory to carry around. it’s not like your going to slap this on the bar to show off to your friends, you wont get past the laughs from your european man purse you will need to carry it. i lug my laptop around in my backpack for work, if the ipad could do what a laptop does i would switch, but it doesnt. no flash, no multitasking, no camera etc. to be honest i am still wondering which of my devices this replaces. basically i think this would be most used at home, so watching movies- i have a big screen tv. reading books- i like real books. listening to music- i have quite a few devices i can listen to music already. internet, i have a desktop a laptop which can do more. so here is my thinking,,, a lot of people are scratching thier heads wondering why do i need this ( of course apple fans will buy a jar of mutilated kittens if it had the apple logo on it). so many people will either not want it or will wait till the next version comes out, if that happens apple doesnt shift enough units they may drop it altogether. so if you want one i would say get it now because chances are high that apple has created a revolutionary magical ipod for the jolly green giant a waste of time for the rest of us.


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