Apple iPhone 4GS – My Thoughts

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Apple iPhone 4GS – My Thoughts

Happy Friday everyone!

With the new iPhone just around the corner, there has been alot of talk about the negative talk about the handset ad when my dear cousin Spinder said she’s pre-ordered one, it made me write a huge e-mail review on how she should opt against it.

Here’s what I wrote:

“Just wish it could have been a lot better; though the one thing I’m glad they went with was to incorporate the processor from the iPad 2 because on paper it’s a good processor and it will keep up with the speed of the Galaxy S2. One other feature I’m glad Apple has addressed is the signal problem. I know plenty of people who have had problems with calls being dropped off randomly even when they have adequate signal, so on it’s definitely fault they have addressed and hopefully resolved.

However features such as an 8MP camera isn’t something to brag about because phones a year ago had it – are Apple playing catch up? It was a 5 mega pixel camera previously which was an upgrade from its predecessor but again I had a 5MP on my N95 in 2007. I know plenty of phones brag about having an 8 or a 12 megapixel camera but when it’s Apple, you probably expect a little but more. For example if there was a phone which allowed you to view the camera on the front of an airplane would be seen as cool but with an Apple handset, you want to be able to control the plane from your handset. I know it’s a WAY far off the mark but when customers are expected to pay such a large sum of money upfront to have the handset, you expect it to do bigger and better things.

Another feature which gets me is the Voice Control. The feature was first incorporated in the Motorola Timeport in the late 90’s and the way Apple have incorporated it into the Siri application is cool but there was a Google application with the same feature a few years ago. The main disadvantage of the phone will be it’s battery life but let’s face it, no phone today will last longer than a day should you use it all day every day. (Only if the 6310i would be reinvented with a colour screen, a camera and a Symbian web browser without losing the 2 week battery life…we can dream!)

Finally the biggest downfall of the 4GS is that it’s not known as the iPhone 5. There’s been constant talk about Apple releasing ‘the next generation of iPhones’ but by calling it the 4GS, is that enough for current and potential customers to opt for the ‘new and improved handset’?

All in all the handset will be a success because of the Apple brand but again, I think we all expected something a lot more.”

Lemme know what do you think.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend and talk to you all next week.

Take care,
Andy Singh

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