BBM rolled out to Android and Apple!

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BBM rolled out to Android and Apple!


Hey people!

The wait is FINALLY over! As of today (23rd October 2013), BBM has been made available on both Android and Apple devices! Please find below the links to both Android and Apple page of where you can download one of the worlds most used messenger platforms.

AS you probably know, Blackberry has been on a downward spiral over the last few years with declining phone sales which leads to their customers going for either an Android or an Apple device. The move of introducing BBM onto both Android and Apple devices is bold one but one which could lead to the end of Blackberry. It is kind of hard to take as I remember going to Canada in….2009 and seeing the very first Blackberry and was quite impressed with it as over here, Nokia’s were all the range and smartphones were still on the rise.

Fast forward to today and Blackberry have two premium handsets out there – the Z10 and Q10 which have not been met with ‘open arms’ as customers are either flocking for the iPhone or Android devices; and because of this, Blackberry had to write off $1BILLION (yes BILLION, that’s £618,544.00) in unsold inventory.

Here the download links to get BBM!

Android download link
Apple download link

Until next time, keep BBM’ing! (That sounds SO wrong!)

Take care,
Andy Singh

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