• Oct 05 / 2012
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What We Remember…

Hello one and all!

Yesterday after I got home from work (thankfully I missed the rain because my lovely girlfriend picked me up from the station :-)….extra brownie points earned!) I was faced with the dilemma of what game to play. I got the new Tekken Tag Tournament and Fifa 13 about a week apart and I’ve played them for about an hour a piece because I was working long days in the week and then recovering at the weekend.

Yesterday I finished work (by the way I got another job! Tell you about that in a later blog post!), came home and had Fifa 13 and Tekken Tag Tournament in front of me and kept asking myself what one will I play. I (eventually) opted for Tekken but my other half was watching Big Bang Theory and it was the episode where Amy (Sheldon Cooper’s girlfriend) played the Tetris theme tune on their “romantic night in”; that gave me an idea.

I carefully placed Tekken Tag Tournament and Fifa 13 down and looked “calmly” for a certain console which is so good, I bought two! That’s right, my SNES with one of the best fighting games EVER!

Street Fighter 2 Turbo SNES

Street Fighter 2 Turbo SNES

I set the SNES up with the old RF cable (yes it’s that OLD!), popped Street Fighter in and smiled so much that it reminded me of the day I got the SNES when I was 7 (all 19 years ago!). The game worked like a treat and I still remembered all the moves for ALL of the characters; but there was something missing….

… Down, R, Up, L, Y, B, X, A on controller pad 2 when Turbo appeared on the start screen! Oh yeah 10 star cheat!

I’ve been through school, college and uni and can barely remember anything I was taught but a game which I haven’t played since I was 8 or 9 years old, I can still remember the cheat!

Oh what we remember!

Happy Gaming People!

  • Sep 13 / 2012
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RIP Tupac Shakur

Today marks the 16th anniversary of Tupac Shakur’s death. Were still no closer to finding who shot one of the most influential rappers to ever step into the game.

To celebrate 2Pac’s life, I’m dropping some of my favourite trax!

One which made me realise one thing…

My lullaby

..and if i die, I wonder if heavens gotta ghetto!”

Don’t deny the fact you wanna give your mom a hug when you hear this one!

If you don’t like this one, leave my site!

Real talk!

War Music!

..just in case I don’t make it..

Still a track even after all these years!

His last performance?

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