• Sep 27 / 2011
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Happy 13th Birthday Google!

Happy Birthday Google

Happy 13th Birthday Google

In 1996, two graduates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, from Stanford University built a search engine but it wasn’t until the graduates filed for registration in September 1998 for the domain, and officially on the 27th September 1998 the world was introduced to a website with nothing but a search bar and button.

13 years on, “Googol” is the biggest search engine on the Internet creating over 19 BILLION searches a month.

Happy Birthday Google and thank you for your help in allowing the world to broaden their horizons on the random stuff we ask you!

  • Sep 26 / 2011
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What Can Happen in 60 Seconds?

Happy Monday everyone!

I found this picture which illustrates what happens in 60 seconds on the World Wide Web and I must say after seeing it, it’s incredible how things have evolved over the past 10-15 years ago. Imagine a world without websites such as Facebook, Youtube and Google – where would we be? I’ll leave that question with you.

What Can Happen in 60 Seconds?

What Can Happen in 60 Seconds?

Until next time
-Andy Singh

  • Sep 24 / 2011
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Choose Your Weapon…

I think these are the weapons of mass destruction because without them we’d never know:

– If Mario rescued Princess Peach
– If Sonic beat Dr. Eggbert
– If Mario rescued Princess Peach again
– If the Origami Killer was caught
– If you got the 50 kill streak to kill your enemies with a Nuke
– If Mario rescued Princess Peach again!

The list is endless. Let me know what you picked

Choose Your Weapon - mines the SNES

Choose Your Weapon - mines the SNES

Take care
-Andy Singh

  • Sep 19 / 2011
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Stopping Time!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted something but I’ve found something REALLY cool. There are plenty of shareware/trial-ware software’s out there which are excellent but when it comes to the end of the trial, you either have to buy it (which helps the software developers) or uninstall it and reinstall it to start the trial again (which is tedious and time consuming).

Anyway I was Stumbling Upon’ing and found this brilliant bit of software which is FREE and it allows you to select a end date which is longer than the 15/30 day trial.

Go HERE to download the software and start enjoying trial-ware software.

Until next time,
Andy Singh

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