• Feb 07 / 2011
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Call of Duty: Black Ops – An Ongoing Problem?

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops was the biggest selling game in 2010

Hi everyone,

The latest game in the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops, has been causing some up roar in the gaming world since the day of it’s release. No I’m not referring to the games violence, realism or storyline but the fact that the developers Treyarch have yet to release a patch which fixes the problems in the PC and Sony PS3 format of the game.

Many gamers playing Call of Duty: Black Ops on the PC and Sony PS3 have experienced random glitches and have been thrown out of online multiplayer games (which is Call of Duty’s biggest selling point) have sent endless amount of complaints to the developers but nothing has been done…yet! Angry gamers have expressed their views directly to the publishers Activision who have released a statement a few days ago stating there will be a patch available in the near future to resolve any problems which gamers are having….I’m sorry a patch is coming 3 months after it’s release!

Personally, I’ve played and experienced the problems Sony PS3 users are facing. Call of Duty: Black Ops is an amazing game, there’s no question about that but the sheer fact that gamers are shelling out £45/$50 for a game which, lets face it, doesn’t work properly really puts a downer on such a successful franchise. I know many games have a few glitches here and there (an example being one one of my top 5 games of all time – Fallout 3) but for Activision and Treyarch to release a game which is faulty on the day of release and still is 3 months on is TOTALLY unacceptable.

Let me know if you’ve experienced any problems with Call of Duty: Black Ops!

Until next time,
Andy Singh

  • Jan 06 / 2011
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Microsoft Kinect “blamed for Ring of Death”

Hi everyone,

The Ring of Death

Picture Courtesy of 'Anguspie'

Welcome to my first blog post of 2011! I’ve recovered from my New Years celebrations (which included the birth of my cousins baby girl) and found something very interesting about the Microsoft Kinect.

I’ve been following the Microsoft Kinect since the day of release and have seen both the good and the bad sides of the device but recent stories have suggested the Microsoft Kinect device has been linked to Xbox devices being the subject of the infamous “Ring of Death”.

According to the BBC’s report, one customer’s X-Box lasted one day after plugging in his Kinect device – “We plugged it in the day we got it but only played it a few times before we got the red lights. The next day when we tried it again we still had the red rings of death and haven’t been able to use it since”.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 has been known to have the “Ring of Death” problem due to heating in the previous models but was “fixed” in the Elite and Special Edition Halo models; but for Microsoft, the problem could not have arise at such a worse time. The Kinect has been a huge success since it’s release and I hope, like many Xbox gamers, this glitch will be fixed because I feel the Kinect is a really cool device (and this is coming from a Sony Playstation fan!).

If you have a Microsoft Kinect device, have you experienced any problems? If you have, let us know.

Until next time, take care and keep gaming!
Andy Singh

  • Dec 31 / 2010
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Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick message wishing you all a Happy New Year! May 2011 bring you happiness, good health and joy to all!

Take care and see you in 2011!
Andy Singh

  • Dec 22 / 2010
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FREE Music Downloads

Hi everyone,

So many people ask me: ‘Andy, is there a place where I can download music for free? if so, where?’.

It’s a question we all ask ourselves because when I first started using the Internet, we had the great Napster and KaZaA available to us; but due to the courts becoming more involved in clamping down on illegal file sharing, it’s becoming a thing of the past…..or has it?

On one of my random all-nighters, I found a listing of 100 sites where you are able to download music for FREE!! A site not mentioned on the list is AudioGalaxy which has been revamped into a cool Andriod/Apple app which allows you to stream your music from your home PC/Mac to your device.

Here’s the link to the site which lists the 100 websites where your able to download music for FREE!

Merry Christmas!
Andy Singh

  • Dec 17 / 2010
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The Game Boy ONLINE!

Hello Ladies and Gents!

I found something ULTRA, SUPER, MEGA COOL on the Internet today which made me feel 6 years old again…that’s right SIX YEARS OLD! Ahhh 1992 – the days when I was nursing, the then cool, curtains haircut, Benedict House School and Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles…those where the days!

Anyway back to business. I found a site where you can play Game Boy games ONLINE for FREE! That’s right, the very first hand-held, 8-bit, greyscale gaming machine! Choose from all of your old school classic games which will always bring a smile to your face.


Kids today will never know how cool this gadget was or still is. It’s only been a few weeks but I found my old Gameboy, put 4 fresh batteries in, loaded Tetris and turned it on and guess what – it’s still works as good as new!

Before I go and play Metroid II, I want everyone who has the very first Gameboy to show their kids, nieces, nephews and grandchildren what gaming was like before the days of memory cards, WiFi, colour and touch screens and see their reaction. I done it with my niece and nephew and their first question was – “Where’s the colour screen?”.

Click Here to be taken back to 90’s gaming heaven

Happy Gaming!

Take Care
Andy Singh

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