• Dec 14 / 2010
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Bowser Testing

Hi everyone!

I came across this really funny comic which sent my cousin into a fit of laughter.

Bowser Testing

Bowser Testing

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and look forward to sharing more cool stuff with you!

Take Care
Andy Singh

  • Dec 09 / 2010
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Geek Stuff

Internet Math

Hi everyone!

I Stumbled Upon this REALLY cool article which, I think, demonstrates if the Internet was to be a Math test, this would be the question and answer paper!

Internet Math part 1

Internet Math Pt. 1

Internet Math Part 2

Internet Math Pt 2

Courtesy: Sarah Schneider

Until next time,
Andy Singh

  • Dec 08 / 2010
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Xbox 360 Sales Overtake Flagging Wii

Hi everyone,

I found this really awesome article on the Financial Times website about Xbox 360’s dominance in the gaming industry. It turns out that sales of Microsoft’s gaming machine has overtaken front runner the Nintendo Wii after a long battle.

Hope you enjoy it!

All the best,
Andy Singh


Sales of Microsoft’s Xbox games console are rapidly overtaking the flagging Nintendo Wii, boosted by the US group’s new motion-sensing Kinect controller, according to analysts.

The Wii’s dominance of current-generation console sales is being overturned as rivals Microsoft and Sony imitate its success with easy-to-use controllers and games that appeal to a wider audience.

Ahead of official figures on Thursday from the NPD research firm, analysts at Wedbush Morgan Securities expect sales of 1.075m Xbox 360 consoles in November, up 31 per cent on a year ago, compared with 975,000 Wii sales, down 23 per cent. They expect 650,000 Sony PlayStation 3 units sold, down 8 per cent year-on-year.

“We expect strong demand for the Xbox 360 due to the successful debut [in November] for Kinect, and believe that Kinect console bundles sold especially well,” said the analysts in a note.

Microsoft launched the Kinect camera sensor on November 4 as an add-on for existing consoles but also offered it bundled with an Xbox 360 console at a special price. The company raised its original estimates of 3m Kinect sales this year globally to 5m shortly before launch and seems on target to achieve this.

It reported 1m worldwide sales after 10 days and 2.5m after 25 days. The device has been selling out – it is currently available on Amazon’s UK site, but not from Amazon in the US, where other sellers on its site are charging a premium of $100 or more for the $150 device.

The Kinect gives a boost to Microsoft’s so-called living room strategy, where the Xbox is competing with Google, Apple and others in supplying services to internet-connected “smart TVs”.

Kinect encourages the whole family to interact with the TV through gestures, accessing music, movies and services such as ESPN and Sky TV channels, as well as games.

Nintendo may be able to mount a fightback in December – US retailers have been discounting the console and it could benefit from game sales such as its popular Donkey Kong series, the inclusion of the more advanced Motion Plus controller with the Wii and red and black versions of the console.

Sony has reported sales of 4.1m of its Move controllers into retailers worldwide since its launch in September, which translates as about 2.5m sales to consumers, according to analysts.

Written By: Chris Nuttall of the Financial Times

  • Dec 07 / 2010
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BBC Panorama – 6th December

Hello everyone!

I caught a snippet of Panorama’s show last night (6th December) on BBC1 and its got me thinking about the PS Move, Kinect and Wii devices and the effect they can/have had on individuals, the gaming world, the various genres of gaming and even the way a gamer thinks in the real world.

Escaping into a virtual world allows us humans to be anything we want and with the way game consoles are going with “you being the controller”, I find more bad than good things about the idea.

I’m currently in the process of releasing my first video blog about this subject because I feel it will help me describe my thoughts a lot better…and you get to see The Man, The Geek, The Marketer in front of the camera for the very first time.

Watch this space!
Andy Singh

  • Dec 03 / 2010
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BT Tests 1Gbit/s Broadband

Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you all have been enjoying the snow! As for me, I’m unable to get home to Kent due to the mass amounts in the countryside so I’m stuck in London with fast broadband and central heating…could be worse

Anyway, I just wanted to share a cool article which I found about BT’s trial in rolling out 1Gbit/s broadband in Suffolk.

The trial is which is being undertaken in Kesgrave involves engineers from BT’s nearby Martlesham Heath labs, will aim for a downstream speed ten times the 100Mbit/s offered to customers at launch. The upstream needle will meanwhile be pushed to 400Mbit/s. After the trial is complete, BT will move ahead of Virgin Media as the UK’s fastest ISP.

BT has so far said about two thirds of its universal network will see fibre optic access points installed in homes and businesses. The rest of the programme will rely on fibre-to-the-cabinet technology, theoretically capable of just up to 40Mbit/s downstream at launch.

In response, Virgin Media is increasing maximum downstream speeds on its entire network from the current 50Mbit/s to 100Mbit/s, by mid-2012; however it only covers around half the country, so for many the BT network is the only option for fixed-line internet access.

I think I speak for everyone who lives in slow to non-existent broadband areas when I say – I’M A SLOW BT BROADBAND CUSTOMER, GET ME FIBRE OPTIC!!!!!!

Wishing you a glorious weekend!
Andy Singh

Extracts of article courtesy of The Register

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