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  • Apr 02 / 2012
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Remembering the Falklands War

Ones FallenToday marks the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War where over 255 British and 650 Argentine troops died after the UK sent a task force to the islands in response to Argentina’s invasion on 2 April 1982.

Remember the ones fallen!

  • Apr 01 / 2012
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Game Saved

Yo people!

I just got home from work to find out that Game Group has been saved meaning 3,000+ jobs and 300+ stores have been saved!! The company has been saved by a company OpCaptia who has reached a agreed to take on the companies debt of £85M.

Check out the good news here!

Happy Gaming!
Andy Singh

  • Mar 30 / 2012
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License Key Crawler

Happy Friday everyone!

I was faced with a dilemma the other day where I was reinstalling Windows onto my machine but I lost my Serial Key! Unlike the olden days where you can download a keygen from a serial website, Microsoft have made some mad new way that you have to use the key which was sent with the software (why are they making it so hard for us!?).

Anyway I was trying to find a serial finder recovery software thingy and came across a really cool product which found ALL the serials for my products which were on my system! I repeat – it found ALL OF MY SERIALS WHICH WERE ON MY SYSTEM. What also makes this product really really really cool is that it’s completely free.

Download the software here!

Enjoy and take care,
Andy Singh

N.B. I take no responsibility of what you do with this software. Please use on software which YOU (The Owner) has purchased and not on software you have illegally downloaded.

  • Mar 27 / 2012
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Andy's Blog

Game Files for Adminstration is down for maintenance

It’s a sad sad SAD for gaming today as Game Group PLC have filed for administration and have been forced to close over 200+ stores and lay off 2000 staff. Larger stores such as Oxford Street, London, Westfield White City & Westfield Stratford City are still trading but Gamestation’s flagship store in Birmingham New Street and Irish and Northern Irish stores are closed.

Click here to download a full list of stores which are closed

R.I.P. Game & Gamestation. Many thanks to the years of service.

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