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  • May 16 / 2011
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Google Logos

Happy Monday Everyone!

It feels so good to be blogging again after the recovery of the site and I hope you liked the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 posting; but now I’m going away from the gaming world into the world of animation and Google.

About a month or so ago Google celebrated Robert Bunson’s 200th Birthday by adding a Bunson Burner into their Google Logo which my girlfriend and I found EXTREMELY cool! Anyway following from this discovery got me thinking about a few things. Back in 1997 (I believe) Google was running as a BETA search engine and the first modified Google Image was not until 1st August 1999.


…I set to work in finding what the first Google Image looked like and how they have progressed. Here’s a collection of some of my favourites.

Google Images

Some of my favourite Google Images

Have you got a favourite Google image? If yo have, let me know!

Happy Googling
Andy Singh

  • Mar 31 / 2011
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Andy's Blog

The Matrix: 12 Years On


The Chosen ONE!

Hi everyone!

I don’t know if you know but 12 years ago today a few guys called Larry and Andy Wachowski called The Matrix; the first mind-bending instalment in what will become an influential sci-fi film trilogy. The Matrix was a hugely successful movie grossing in $460Million in cinema receipts and became the very first movie DVD to sell 3 million copies in the USA.

The film starred Keanu Reeves who played a hacker called Neo and Laurence Fishburne who played Morpheus, Neo’s mentor in the virtual world.

The Matrix touched this little geeks mind and many others with its mind blowing effects one being bullet time which has been seen in movies such as Shrek (when Princess Fiona was beating up Lord Farquaad men). The movie was so successful that it became a trilogy (which I have in a special 12 disc DVD set…which is still in the cellophane wrapping unopened!), brilliant comics, a hugely successful game and a series with short animated movies – The Animatrix.

If for ANY reason you have not seen this movie will take me a while but all I can say is that if you haven’t seen it yet, you have to! Honestly it was the first film to touch everyone – the effects, the plot and of course the Nokia 7110! Let’s face it, we all wanted one because of this movie!

Until next time
Andy Singh

  • Mar 27 / 2011
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Real Life PES 2011

Hello one and all!

I’m having a lovely night in with my even more lovely girlfriend and I stumbled across this picture which had us both laughing!

Real Life PES 2011

Real Life PES/Fifa

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and wishing you happiness for the week ahead.

Take care,
Andy Singh

  • Mar 17 / 2011
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Hi everyone!

As you can see I’m REALLY happy because I finally found a job!! After almost 8 months out of the working game and countless hours sending CV’s, I landed a job with Marks and Spencer Technical Support!

The jobs really cool which sees me working in a team of 10 people supporting Marks and Spencer employees when they experience issues with their tills, card readers etc. So if your ever at an Marks and Spencer store and see a techy problem being logged, feel free to say hey!

Before I go I got to tell you the best best best part of the job…it’s the food! Everything is Marks and Spencer own and my GOD it’s good! I had a full roast with all the trimmings for £4! In store that will just buy you the veg!!

I’ll keep you all updated but until then, take care.
Andy Singh

  • Feb 21 / 2011
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Andy's Blog

Awesome Movie Site

Hi everyone!

I just this second came across this awesome torrent site which lists millions of movie torrents, old and new! I’ve seen many of my old school favourite movies such as Goodfellas, Raging Bull and Scarface; but there are recent movies such as Tangled, 127 Hours and and Black Swan.

Click here to visit movie heaven!

I’m really sorry this is a short post but it’s my sisters birthday party tonight and we gotta get things ready.

Have a great weekend!

Take Care
Andy Singh

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