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  • Jan 05 / 2015
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The Evolution of Controllers

Hello everyone!

This is my first blog post for 2015 so, like ones before it, it has to be a good one!

Over Christmas, I was playing Fifa 15 with my 11yr old nephew (I beat him of course!) and he was telling me about his Razr Keyboard and Mouse my sister and brother-in-law got him. To me it looked like another keyboard and mouse….with lights and more buttons…which I still don’t understand as why would you want MORE buttons!?! Anyway, back on subject, he told me that they specifically made for “gaming”. Continue Reading

  • Dec 06 / 2013
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Welcome Home Andy!


Flight was delayed, got stuck in traffic but when I got in, Nish had this waiting for me.

I have the BEST fiancée in the world!

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