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  • Nov 27 / 2010
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Call of Duty Black Ops: PS3 owners demanding refund

Good (early) morning guys and girls,

It’s about 12:50 am here in the UK and I’ve just had a lovely evening with my girlfriend, her flat mate and her partner playing board games. It bought back many memories of childhood which seems such a long time ago…man i’m old!!

Anyways I was browsing the ‘net before I attempt to go to sleep, I came across that PlayStation 3 owners of the much acclaimed game Call of Duty: Black Ops have demanded a refund from the publishers Activision due to the “sub-par graphics, buggy software” when compared to the Xbox 360 version.

Treyarch who previously developed Call of Duty World at War have been blamed for adding further functionality in the Xbox 360 version of the game than the Playstation 3. An example being Xbox 360 users are able to sign in to more than one account when playing in split screen whilst the Playstation 3 version only allows one. Further more, gamers argued that Treyarch “have created a unfinished, sloppy and degenerate game for the Playstation 3 console when the Playstation 3 has games that out shine the Call of Duty Franchise today.”

The petition holding 3,800+ signatures has been bought to (the developers) Treyarch attention but ultimately it will be down to Activision if the refunds to the angry gamers will be granted.

If you are a Playstation 3 Call of Duty Black Ops user, be sure to let me know of your thoughts. Are you happy with the game? If not, please feel free to share your views.

Happy COD’ing!
Andy Singh

  • Nov 24 / 2010
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Gran Turismo 5

Good afternoon ladies and gents!

Today is a VERY special day because after 5 years of waiting, Gran Turismo 5 was finally released for the PS3.

Gran Turismo has dominated the racing world since it’s first release in 1997 where the world was introduced to the series which set a very high bench mark in the racing genre. It has been a constant battle for the developers of the game to release the new instalment but with constant setbacks in production, Gran Turismo 5 was once labelled “the best racer which was never released” – this statement made me sad (no really it did. Why else would anyone buy a Playstation 3?) and left me thinking that I’ll have to be playing Need for Speed for the rest of my days.

Thankfully, the kind people at Game assured me that Gran Turismo 5 was going to be released in November 2010….but couldn’t gave me a date; though last week I the official launch date and my smile was wider than the Dartford Crossing.

After 5 years of waiting and countless hours dreaming about the game (yes I dream about games!), I was the 3rd person to purchase the game in Chatham; and because my love for the game is as much as my love for my girlfriend, I bought the limited edition Signature Pack.

I’ve attached a few pictures of the Gran Turismo Signature Edition pack and I’ll definitely post a review in a day or two of my first thoughts on the worlds best racing game.

Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition

Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition

GT5 Extras

GT5 Extras

All the best,
Andy Singh aka the crazy guy who woke up at 8am so he can buy the game when the Game store opened at 9

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