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History of Data Storage

Hello people!

I found an awesome video which shows the history of media storage (oh my god it took me back) which got me me thinking about how far we have come from the days of spending vast amounts of money on floppy disks, zip drives and CD’s to paying a few pounds/dollars a month for storage online.

To put in perspective, check out this picture


Evolution of Storage - Courtesy of Techi.com

When looking at the picture I can’t help but think that will there be a time when there is too much data and not enough storage? Or if the devices today will ever be able to keep up with the demand? Either way it’ll be interesting to see and in today’s world to technology, anything is possible

Either way, we hope you have taken a moment to reflect on data storage and hope you’ll appreciate where we are and where we have been.

Have an awesome day and enjoy the video

Take Care
Andy Singh

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