LG’s 55 Inch OLED TV

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LG’s 55 Inch OLED TV

Hey everyone!

Firstly let me start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year! May 2013 bring a lot of love, more joy and a ton of happiness to you all!

With this being the first blog post in 2013 (thankfully the Mayan’s were wrong), I thought let me start this year with some news on a technology I’ve been following closely for a number of years – OLED. Some of you may remember that I published a post about OLED back in 2010 outlining how it works and what can be achieved when incorporated into some neat DJ headphones. That idea was, then, very cool, however LG have taken the technology to another level by incorporating it into a 55 inch TV which is due for release within first 3-4 months of 2013 in the UK

LG's 55 Inch OLED TV

LG’s 55 Inch OLED TV

As you can see from the picture, the TV has an edge-to-edge display and, according to LG, a width of 0.16 inches and weighs 22lbs. The beauty about OLED is that it will bring a brighter and more vibrant display due to the high number of light diodes which will display the images on screen; and it will be able to handle fast moving images without any blur. The TV has already been well received in LG’s homeland of South Korea with orders coming in thick and fast since the turn of the year.

Now some of you maybe thinking “This looks cool but it’s going to be expensive” and you’re right, it is. It’ll cost in the region of £6,400.

Side View

Side View

Now you’re probably thinking “That’s a lot of money for something that will depreciate quicker than lead”; or “That’s a deposit on a house/car”; or “Do I look like I’m going to spend that amount of money on something I’m going to watch Eastenders on?”; OR my girlfriends response “You have just wasted 6 minutes of my life telling me about a TV which costs the same as my car!” but to soften the blow, the price of this TV in South Korea is 11 Million Wong…yes MILLION. With that being said, you’re theoretically saving yourself money……
……ok I’m gonna shut up because after reading that back, I sound like a proper idiot!

But all jokes aside should you buy this TV, you can rest assure that you’re possibly buying one of the best TV innovations ever. Yes it does come with a HUGE price tag, and yes the technology isn’t proven on such a device but you can rest assure you’re buying one of the coolest TV’s ever made!

I’m off to try and change my girlfriends mind about this TV and how it will be a sound investment for the future….wishful thinking but you never know.

Until next time, take care!
Andy Singh

My girlfriend said I’ll have to turn into a vegetarian until we get it…..ah well guess I’m taking out a loan!

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