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Hello from lovely Ireland!

I’m over here doing some work and couldn’t help but appreciate one of technologies cheapest and coolest devices – The Raspberry PI.

The Raspberry PI was released a while back and slowly but surely has come onto the public eye over the past year; and with a $25 price tag, you’d think the device is becoming a valuable asset to programmers, networkers and bootleggers.

Why are programmers, networkers and bootleggers using it? Good question (and to be honest, I asked myself the same question when I first read about it).

Programmers love it because they’re able to install Linux or iOS to write code on the go as the Raspberry PI only requires 10W USB power source; in other words, hook it up to your laptop and you’re good to go.

Networkers love it because it’s able to perform tasks such as network monitoring and file sharing with absolute ease.

Raspberry Pi Router

Bootleggers love it because their able to stream all the latest sports for free (that’s including the weekend games)!

I’m really blown away by this little device and can’t believe the potential it brings to the table. On paper the Raspberry Pi doesn’t seem like much and probably think you had some old school computers which had better specifications; and you’re probably right but, it’s not been made to replace your existing, mid to high range desktops/laptops. You should see the Raspberry Pi as an addition to your computer/network.

Here’s some examples of what people have done with their Raspberry Pi’s (excuse the pun)

Portable Raspberry Pi Computer

You can rest assure that I’ll be placing an order for one (or two) as soon as I get back to the UK…and before you ask, yes you can come over and watch Saturday football!

Take care everyone and see you on the flip side!
Andy Singh

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