RIP Playstation 2


RIP Playstation 2

Happy Friday everyone!

RIP Sony Playstation 2

RIP Sony Playstation 2

Some of you may have heard the that Sony have ceased production of the Playstation 2 console (sorry to start Friday with the bad news!).

The Sony Playstation 2 (also known as the PS2) has been a very popular console since its release in 2000; so popular in fact that it outsold its protege, the Playstation 3, within it’s first 3 years of it’s release in 2006!

Upon it’s release, the Playstation 2 had a killer USP – being able to play DVD’s. It may not seem all that in todays market but when compared to DVD players back in 2000, buying a PS2 was a feasible idea. Why? A DVD player back in 2000 would cost anything between £200-£400 (I believe Sony, Pioneer & Toshiba were the only ones making them at that time – no Asda own brand back then!); and a Sony Playstation 2 would have cost you about £350 with one game and one controller – kinda silly not to buy the console, right?

Another cool features which the PS2 had were the upgraded 8MB memory cards (That’s right 8 MEGA BYTES) which, when compared to the PS1 cards, was enough to hold your save files from the Gran Turismo and Tekken series along with your Football Manager career! (Football Manager on the PS1 required a full memory card worth of space to produce a save file); and who could forget the ability to play your PS1 games on your PS2? I so wish Sony kept the backwards capability going with the PS3’s because I do miss playing the old games.

All is not doom and gloom for all of you retro heads because games for the PS2 are still going to be developed by all major gaming companies. Don’t believe me? The Final Fantasy game ‘Seekers of Adoulin’ which has a release date of March 2013, Square Enix have confirmed the game will be available for the XBox 360, PS2 and PS3 (Do you really think I’d leave you with bad news on Friday?)

Prior to writing this post, I found the below comment on the CNET website where I learnt of production of the PS2 being ceased and it kind of justifies my feelings towards consoles becoming phased out!

Curtosy: CNET

Curtosy CNET

I’m off to play a bit of Tekken 4, Pro and Gran Turismo on my PS2 and relive my teenage years (oh how I feel old!).

Have a great weekend!

Take Care
Andy Singh

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