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Shadow Explorer – Free Portable Recovery Tool

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all doing good! I know it’s been a while since my last post and I really am sorry. Been a but mad the last few months with wedding stuff to prepare for – never knew it would be so hard!

Anyway, off that. You don’t want to hear about that. What you REALLY want to hear about is this brilliant but of portable Windows software I came across last week which managed to restore 99.7% of the files I deleted off my Dad’s laptop… accident of course!

Toshiba Satellite Pro P200

Basically, my Dad’s got a juggernaut of a Vista laptop and it’s been running very very VERY slow so I thought I’d have a look. I read up on some forums on and disabled a bunch of services and uninstalled a load of Toshiba branded applications – this got the laptop working a little quicker but nothing to shout about; so, after reading another forum, they suggested to remove the User Profile (yes you can call me any name under the sun now!) and (surprisingly) the laptop ended up being super quick because, when deleting a user profile, you delete all the files and folders associated to that user. Yayyyyy…….!

My Dad, as you can imagine, went MAD!

Anyway I went back onto Google and came across this free recovery application called Shadow Explorer.

Shadow Copy

It’s a free, portable application which reads your the snapshots which Windows has taken of your local hard drive. These snapshots of your hard drive can be found on System Restore within Windows 7 and Vista and Shadow Explorer reads these and is able to restore any file/folder which you may have deleted.

The application is very simple to use and has a stable and clean interface. All you have to do is unzip the application, run it, select a restore date and find your folder. The beauty about this application is that is displays your files and folders as if you were viewing them in Windows Explorer making them easier to find!

I managed to get all of the Dad’s files and folders back and, in true Dad style, his words were ‘Good. Now don’t do it again!’

Until next time, keep your files and folders safe….and away from me!

Take care,
Andy Singh

Here’s the Link to Shadow Explorer website
And here’s a Link to Shadow Explorer Portable (no install is required)
Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista (Any Versions)

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