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  • Oct 07 / 2011
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R.I.P. Steve Jobs


Rest In Bytes!

Yesterday marked a sad day in the world of technology as one of the major brains behind the uprising of Apple’s greatness over the past 15+ years sadly passed away.

Steve Jobs elevated Apple into a global brand when he became CEO in 1997 releasing innovative devices from the various iMac computers to the iPad and iPhone.

Steve Jobs known for his attire of a black sweater, jeans and trainers when presenting new products opened the world to a range of new ideas of what’s possible in the technological world. Without his vision, mind and knowledge would we have a phone which defines convergance? a computer which has a cool backlit colour monitor? or a laptop which is so thin that you can fit it in an A4 envelope?

I’m not an Apple fan (many of you who know me will agree) but I’m deeply saddened by this tragic news like many of you will miss the man who made the impossible, possible.

Rest In Peace or Rest In Bytes!

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