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  • Dec 22 / 2010
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FREE Music Downloads

Hi everyone,

So many people ask me: ‘Andy, is there a place where I can download music for free? if so, where?’.

It’s a question we all ask ourselves because when I first started using the Internet, we had the great Napster and KaZaA available to us; but due to the courts becoming more involved in clamping down on illegal file sharing, it’s becoming a thing of the past…..or has it?

On one of my random all-nighters, I found a listing of 100 sites where you are able to download music for FREE!! A site not mentioned on the list is AudioGalaxy which has been revamped into a cool Andriod/Apple app which allows you to stream your music from your home PC/Mac to your device.

Here’s the link to the site which lists the 100 websites where your able to download music for FREE!

Merry Christmas!
Andy Singh

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