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  • Mar 14 / 2012
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History of Data Storage

Hello people!

I found an awesome video which shows the history of media storage (oh my god it took me back) which got me me thinking about how far we have come from the days of spending vast amounts of money on floppy disks, zip drives and CD’s to paying a few pounds/dollars a month for storage online.

To put in perspective, check out this picture


Evolution of Storage - Courtesy of

When looking at the picture I can’t help but think that will there be a time when there is too much data and not enough storage? Or if the devices today will ever be able to keep up with the demand? Either way it’ll be interesting to see and in today’s world to technology, anything is possible

Either way, we hope you have taken a moment to reflect on data storage and hope you’ll appreciate where we are and where we have been.

Have an awesome day and enjoy the video

Take Care
Andy Singh

  • Sep 29 / 2011
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Are You Going To Play Outside?

I saw this on a website and it really made me smile because it’s an innovative solution to a question which were all asked!

Are you going to play outside?

Curtosy of Editorial Cartoons

Happy Wednesday!
-Andy Singh

  • Sep 27 / 2011
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Happy 13th Birthday Google!

Happy Birthday Google

Happy 13th Birthday Google

In 1996, two graduates, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, from Stanford University built a search engine but it wasn’t until the graduates filed for registration in September 1998 for the domain, and officially on the 27th September 1998 the world was introduced to a website with nothing but a search bar and button.

13 years on, “Googol” is the biggest search engine on the Internet creating over 19 BILLION searches a month.

Happy Birthday Google and thank you for your help in allowing the world to broaden their horizons on the random stuff we ask you!

  • Dec 09 / 2010
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Internet Math

Hi everyone!

I Stumbled Upon this REALLY cool article which, I think, demonstrates if the Internet was to be a Math test, this would be the question and answer paper!

Internet Math part 1

Internet Math Pt. 1

Internet Math Part 2

Internet Math Pt 2

Courtesy: Sarah Schneider

Until next time,
Andy Singh

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