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  • Jan 06 / 2011
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Microsoft Kinect “blamed for Ring of Death”

Hi everyone,

The Ring of Death

Picture Courtesy of 'Anguspie'

Welcome to my first blog post of 2011! I’ve recovered from my New Years celebrations (which included the birth of my cousins baby girl) and found something very interesting about the Microsoft Kinect.

I’ve been following the Microsoft Kinect since the day of release and have seen both the good and the bad sides of the device but recent stories have suggested the Microsoft Kinect device has been linked to Xbox devices being the subject of the infamous “Ring of Death”.

According to the BBC’s report, one customer’s X-Box lasted one day after plugging in his Kinect device – “We plugged it in the day we got it but only played it a few times before we got the red lights. The next day when we tried it again we still had the red rings of death and haven’t been able to use it since”.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 has been known to have the “Ring of Death” problem due to heating in the previous models but was “fixed” in the Elite and Special Edition Halo models; but for Microsoft, the problem could not have arise at such a worse time. The Kinect has been a huge success since it’s release and I hope, like many Xbox gamers, this glitch will be fixed because I feel the Kinect is a really cool device (and this is coming from a Sony Playstation fan!).

If you have a Microsoft Kinect device, have you experienced any problems? If you have, let us know.

Until next time, take care and keep gaming!
Andy Singh

  • Nov 30 / 2010
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Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Sets Sales Record

Good morning and evening everyone!

I’ve just stumbled across this article on the BBC Technology website which confirmed that the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect has set a new sales record selling 2.5 million units within its first 25 days. With the Kinect being on sale in 60,000 shops across 38 countries, Microsoft have confirmed that they are on target to meet their sales target of 5 millions units by Christmas.

In other news, Microsoft have released a statement regarding programmers who are writing software for the Kinect.

The director of incubation for the Xbox at Microsoft Alex Kipman said “Hacking would mean that someone got to our algorithms that sit on the side of the Xbox and was able to actually use them, which hasn’t happened. Or it means that you put a device between the sensor and the Xbox for means of cheating, which also has not happened…What has happened is someone wrote an open-source driver for PCs that essentially opens the USB connection, which we didn’t protect by design, and reads the inputs from the sensor”. When asked if anyone would “get in trouble” for writing such code or finding other uses for the Kinect camera, Kipman had a direct answer: “Nope. Absolutely not”. (Source: Gamespot)

Check this video out which I found on Youtube of two programmers and the software they have written to create hand puppets using the Kinect.

Before I go, I would like to congratulate Microsoft on setting the sales record and I actually can’t wait to play with the device…maybe I should add an Xbox 360 Kinect bundle to my Christmas list…I’ll consolidate the Gadget Decider and see what the outcome is!

Until next time, take care!
Andy Singh

  • Nov 12 / 2010
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Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Hacked

Happy Friday everyone!! The end of the week is FINALLY here!

I found an interesting article on BBC News about the Microsoft Xbox Kinect being hacked hours after going on sale in Europe. So naturally I had to check it out and what I found was not the work of a “hacker” as Microsoft put it, but the work of a good programmer.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect

Microsoft Kinect 360

Like the Wii, the Kinect can be used to do some really cool motion sensor stuff which, if you liked the film Minority Report, will make life pretty interesting (come on, how isn’t controlling your computer via hand motions not cool?).

The programmer responded to the $3K bounty issued by Adafruit Industries to the first person to produce drivers for the device and have them available to download and improve. Click the link to visit BBC News which has a link to Adafruit Industries website where you’ll find a demonstration video of the Kinect being used on a Linux laptop.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend filled with excitement and joy!
Andy Singh

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