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  • Dec 17 / 2010
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The Game Boy ONLINE!

Hello Ladies and Gents!

I found something ULTRA, SUPER, MEGA COOL on the Internet today which made me feel 6 years old again…that’s right SIX YEARS OLD! Ahhh 1992 – the days when I was nursing, the then cool, curtains haircut, Benedict House School and Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles…those where the days!

Anyway back to business. I found a site where you can play Game Boy games ONLINE for FREE! That’s right, the very first hand-held, 8-bit, greyscale gaming machine! Choose from all of your old school classic games which will always bring a smile to your face.


Kids today will never know how cool this gadget was or still is. It’s only been a few weeks but I found my old Gameboy, put 4 fresh batteries in, loaded Tetris and turned it on and guess what – it’s still works as good as new!

Before I go and play Metroid II, I want everyone who has the very first Gameboy to show their kids, nieces, nephews and grandchildren what gaming was like before the days of memory cards, WiFi, colour and touch screens and see their reaction. I done it with my niece and nephew and their first question was – “Where’s the colour screen?”.

Click Here to be taken back to 90’s gaming heaven

Happy Gaming!

Take Care
Andy Singh

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