The Evolution of Controllers


The Evolution of Controllers

Hello everyone!

This is my first blog post for 2015 so, like ones before it, it has to be a good one!

Over Christmas, I was playing Fifa 15 with my 11yr old nephew (I beat him of course!) and he was telling me about his Razr Keyboard and Mouse my sister and brother-in-law got him. To me it looked like another keyboard and mouse….with lights and more buttons…which I still don’t understand as why would you want MORE buttons!?! Anyway, back on subject, he told me that they specifically made for “gaming”.

This got me thinking because I’ve had countless of PC peripherals and none of them cost more than a PS3 with a few games. I mean I have a Microsoft Arc keyboard which I got for free for attending an event a few years ago but you wouldn’t catch me spending £40 on one. It maybe the way my mentor trained me to believe it’s better to invest in worthwhile parts such as a good motherboard, graphics card etc. rather than “cosmetics”; I don’t know but I started thinking about the one peripheral which I have spent a lot of money on – gaming controllers.

Now I’ve been fortunate enough to own a range of consoles and been gifted and purchased extra controllers for each and, when I thought about it, the price of each was pretty dear in its hay-day.

Take a look at the SNES and Mega Drive – the controllers in the early 90’s went for £25-£30. It may not seem like much in today’s money but £20 in the early 90’s got you quite a bit (how I miss those times).

Time Travel from the 80's

Time Travel from the 80’s

Fast forward a few years and the PS1 and PS2 controllers were the same, if not more. The PS3 controllers, again in its hay-day went for £30-£35 and the PS4 controller today will cost you between £45-£50!

Mid 90's time travel

Mid 90’s time travel

We can compare the prices of the PS2/3 and PS4 controllers to the Microsoft XBox, XBox 360 and One controllers as they were, more-or-less, the same price.

From 2002 and beyond!

From 2002 and beyond!

After thinking and talking about it with my nephew and my ‘Coding’ cousin, it did make “some” sort of sense to buy such equipment for a “PC Gamer”. Don’t get me wrong I love PC games as much as consoles, however I’d be happy using my work’s keyboard to play games….but extra lights would be pretty cool I guess.

Until next time, keep gaming, stay happy and have a great week!

Take care,
Andy “Should I build a gaming PC to see if I would appreciate gaming peripherals” Singh

PS. Shout out to Gadget Love for the images!

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