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Happy Monday everyone!!

I come to you today with information regarding XBox Music which is a service going live on the 16th October 2012 on all XBox 360’s and October 26th 2012 for Windows 8 computers & laptops to replace the current Zune Music Service.

30 million songs will be available for free

30 million songs will be available for free

The move of Microsoft offering a music streaming service is to rival the likes of Spotify and iTunes which who have dominated the market for years. Microsoft have integrated the application into the Windows 8 Operating System which will give it a massive user base at the time of launch.

From what I’ve been told and read, the application will provide ad-supported streaming to millions and millions of tracks for free but like Spotify and iTunes, there will be an “ad-free” option should users want to pay a monthly fee (I believe it’s £8.99 a month). As well as having the best of the world’s music available as a streaming option, Microsoft have confirmed there will be an option for users to download individual tracks or full albums for a small fee (let’s hope that doesn’t lead to another lawsuit huh Apple?). As well as having an ad-free service and the option to download albums, customers who opt for the monthly fee will have unlimited access to offline music videos via their Microsoft XBox 360.

Let's All Get Along

Microsoft haven’t forgotten about the mobile market especially with their new mobile device Lumia 920 looming large as they have confirmed a mobile application of Xbox Music will be available for Android, iOS as well as all Windows 8 software based phones.

There is however one downside is that all Windows 7 based laptops and desktops will miss out and remain on the Zune Music Service (there’s always a but!)

From a personal point of view, iTunes and Spotify have been hugely successful in the music streaming business for years and there is a part of me which is thinking Microsoft’s move into the streaming music maybe too late; however Microsoft are offering a free music subscription service with every new Windows 8 phone is something that will tickle some peoples pallet. Look at it this way, there’s a free plan which is available to everyone, give it a try and let me know what you think.

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